SEO checklist

SEO checklist


Does your blog need to increase traffic? Is your content aligning with your business? Here are some tips on the seo checklist to make sure your small business is on the right track. First, applying your keyword(s) to your website if your going the Search Optimization Engine route. SEO for short, helps to gain online traffic using the keywords entered in Google’s search bar. There is a strategy and the first thing you can start with are keywords. Once you have your site setup, and connected to the SEO plugin for WordPress, pick a keyword that best fixes your topic. These are important in order to direct the online traffic to your blog post. The process may take some time, but investing in SEO for the next few months can potentially win you customers.

Technical Side SEO

Second, on the Seo checklist, is making sure your technical side of things are on track. Your website’s condition is important to make your SEO stay consistent and reliable. Your website needs to be operating on one domain, and broken pages shouldn’t exist. Here at Peshlakai Consulting, we make sure that your website is up to date and does not run into any mishaps. The regular maintenance is significant to SEO. SEO needs regular maintenance and a fast load time on the entire website. We can check every element that technical SEO needs.


Is your content correlating with your niche? To your product? Once your business has a niche. Try to focus on the title and the overall content of the blog post. This comes together with the keyword(s) that your audience is search or looking for. Researching and working with the topic of the content helps to increase online traffic and what your audience is wanting. Meeting these expectations is great to boost your analytics and could make potential sales. Also, maintaining and writing more content blogs are key in keeping your audience coming back for more. Google wishes to see blog posts ranging from 300 amount of words to 1200 words. The more you write content, the more your site can rank higher.

Link building

This is another extensive strategy to SEO. Requesting persmission to link building with other small businesses are good as long as you have their permission. Google really breaks down on unauthorized link building. If a business, wants to work with you, you can get their permission to link together both of your websites. This may take some time, but here at Peshlaking Consulting can make sure this is taken care of over the period of several months. The main recommendation here is to connect and collaborate with others, it may lead to a better ranking.

Search Engine Optimization is great to boost your online traffic and increase potential clients or sales. Having these on your seo checklist will bring benefits to your website. Allow us to help you, we have packages ranging from a startup small business and businesses that have been operating longer. Don’t hesitate to send over a message into our Contact page.

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