Website Maintenance Guide

More and more small businesses are serving customers online nowadays. The most important requirement is to make sure your website is secured and up to date. If this goes unnoticed the website could be vulnerable to cyberattacks, a decrease in online traffic, decrease in sale leads, and poor functionality.

Here are the main components in maintaining your website effectively.

  1. Backup Files

If your website is operating with WordPress or any other content management system, it’s important to backup the files. WordPress contains a plugin to back up the files properly. The plugin is called BackupBuddy or you can also use VaultPress’s Jetpack backup. Backing up the files before you start uploading the content is recommended. WordPress is one of the top content management system that has the tools to create a website.

WordPress has theme files that allows the user to edit the styling of the website. One example to prevent pages from breaking is to duplicate the theme and call it a child theme. The child theme for your files help to back up the style context of your web pages. Without this, the styling components could break the website’s pages or create a functionality issue.

Moreover, backing up the files would prevent server failures and recover the website.

2. Do Routine Updates

WordPress or any other kind of content management system such as Joomla requires regular updates to prevent security issues, maintain faster speed, and display a professional website. Take the time monthly or quarterly to make sure a combination of things does not consist of broken pages, missing links, and/or outdated content.

Some important things to consider is to test the website on the technical side, for an example check to see if the contact form is sending to its’ destination. Another example is to check to make sure the checkout cart is working properly. Additionally, check if the software WordPress needs an install update. If assistance is needed seek technical help on software updates, plugin updates, and theme update.

In conclusion, make routinely updates to obtain a fast, professional website and prevent technical issues later down the road.


2. Update SEO Maintenance

Furthermore, SEO has been a growing tool to build your online traffic. Many businesses are unaware that Search Engine Optimization can help build your business. Additionally, the tool can help by having users search your business with a simple keyword. The SEO analytics is connected to the website. Then, the results will show in Google’s results page. If they are looking for a web design business nearby they can type in “web design Colorado”. Similarly, the website services could show up in the results.

Lastly, review your key metrics on SEO Google Analytics platform. There is data to view who has visit your website. Those are the users who could be your potential customers.

I recommend update keywords, research who your audience is, and blog. Moreover, keep posting blog content to engage in potential sale leads. Peshlakai Consulting offers SEO setup and consultation throughout the process for ongoing maintenance or one-time assistance. Fill out our contact form if you like to discuss further.

4. Test/Audit website

One of the important steps you could do for maintenance is audit your website. Normally, the process checks for the website’s design, blog content, website maintenance, and social media presence. These tests can be conducted together with a website developer, web admin person, or a SEO consultant. It can save money down the road and could become a great investment for any online business.

Ask yourself these questions, is your website’s design up to date? Is the design captivating? Does it look like it’s driving users to your website? Double check the links and where they are pointing towards. Check on pictures, blog, and all visual elements. Also, are you driving your audience away? Pick a niche to make sure the writing content is attracting the right audience.

Together, does your social media outlets connect with your website? Is Facebook promoting your blog as it should with the content? Is everything from your blog content and social media correlating? These are the important questions to answer to make sure your website is running efficiently. Also, the business brand should match with the website’s design as well as the social media posts.

Here at Peshlakai Consulting, LLC, we can test your website prior to services needed. We can test the design, software updates, and content for your business.

Let us know how we can help you gain more traffic, assistance in maintenance or create your next website! Click here to see how we can help your business.

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